Boxing Star : First Impressions

  • Uploaded on 12 Jul 2018

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    ▶ Dip, duck, dodge, and weave to avoid your opponent's attacks and strike back with a perfect counter!
    ▶Train hard as your fighter progresses from the mean streets to the World Championships in Story Mode!
    ▶Meet and befriend all the wacky and wild characters of the boxing world!
    ▶Collect powerful custom gloves and combine them with powerful skills and gear to define your own fighting style!
    ▶Fight against other players in League mode to prove you're the best there ever was!
    ▶Use your winnings to pimp out your crib, drive a slick whip, and gather an entourage that will make your friends jealous, while also giving you sweet bonuses!

    Channel FG3000 - The Next Hokage