Dog Was Surrendered For Being “Stupid.” But Shelter Staff Refused To Give Up On Him

  • Uploaded on 17 Mei 2018

    This Old Dog Was Surrendered For Being “Stupid.” But Shelter Staff Refused To Give Up On Him

    Deciding their 18-year-old pooch was more trouble than he was worth, a pair of dog owners took him to the local vet clinic for what they thought would be the last time. There, they told staff the little poodle was “stupid” and that they’d had their fill of him. But the animal medics weren’t so heartless; they reckoned there was life in the old dog yet.

    Given the poodle’s advanced years, it’s not really surprising that his life was on the wane. The poor old pooch was blind and had lost all his teeth. Moreover, arthritis had gotten a grip on his frail old legs and he’d begun to suffer the odd accident back home. But was that really reason enough to cast him adrift?

    Sadly, his owners seemed to think so. Perhaps reasoning that his days were numbered anyway, they decided to have their pet put down at a nearby veterinary clinic. In addition to saying that one of them didn’t like the animal, when asked why they were surrendering their dog, the Californian couple replied that the dog was “stupid.” It was a callous comment, for sure, and possibly even cruel. But did the vet staff agree?

    Happily, they didn’t. The animal medics carried out a full examination of the dog and, while it was true that his best days were behind him, they saw no reason to end his life. Instead of a “stupid” dog, the staff saw a gorgeous, fluffy little poodle who certainly deserved better than to be put down. What’s more, they knew some other people would agree.

    And those people were the folk at Muttville Senior Dog Rescue. As its name implies, Muttville is a San Franciso organization that specializes in helping and rehoming senior dogs. And happily, it had space for one more. Not that the little pooch would take up that much room, seeing as he tipped the scales at a measly six pounds. But what the dog lacked in weight, he more than made up for in heart.

    You see, even with his rickety legs and dodgy teeth, he wasn’t in that bad shape at all for a dog of 18. In fact, according to Pedigree’s dog calculator, if the little guy were human he’d be an impressive 105 years old. Naming the ownerless pooch Figgy, workers at Muttville then started to think about how they could best help him.

    Clearly, Figgy wasn’t going to be around for that much longer. And to make things worse, Muttville’s staff reckoned the senior dog probably had a brain tumor, too. Many places might have elected to euthanize the poor old pooch – but not Muttville. While the chances of dogs Figgy’s age getting adopted are slim, the shelter staff still believed that he deserved a chance to join a loving home. And they should know.

    That’s because each year Muttville rescues around 1,000 dogs. Of course, the shelter didn’t give up on Figgy. But, conscious that the dog had been through a bit of an ordeal, the organization’s founder Sherri Franklin decided that housing Figgy in with the rest of Muttville’s intake wasn’t the best course of action. Instead, she had another plan up her sleeve.

    Sherri reckoned the best place for Figgy was somewhere a little closer to home – her home, to be exact. So the pair of them headed to Franklin’s house for a much-needed spot of R&R. Meanwhile, the organization wrote an online post bigging up Figgy in the hope of finding him a warm place where he could live out the rest of his days.