I Used To Love You - Jason Chen Original

  • Uploaded on 6 Jul 2018

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    Written by Jason Chen x Adien Lewis
    Produced by Adien Lewis
    Mixed by John Ho
    Filmed by Josh Almario

    I used to love you
    Oh I used to care for you
    I used to care

    (Verse 1)
    I used to blinded
    But I thought I could see
    I was a prisoner
    And only you had the key
    Now it's finally over
    I'm finally free
    From your hold on me

    I would have done anything
    All for us
    I can't believe
    Even when you broke my trust

    (Verse 2)
    Thought you were the best thing
    That could happen to me
    But it turned out the best thing
    Was when I walked away
    Were we ever happy?
    I can't remember the day
    Now it's all a waste

    Going numb
    I Don't feel nothing for you
    I don't hate no
    Don't feel nothing for you
    But I used to love you
    I used to love you
    No I never should have loved
    Never should have loved you
    Never should have loved
    Never should have loved you
    Never should have loved

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