Release Resistance, Allow & Receive - Manifest Your Desires With Ease | Subliminal Meditation

  • Uploaded on 13 Okt 2016

    This subliminal meditation is about letting go of resistance and making room for allowing and receiving.
    Releasing resistance is the fastest way to manifest your dreams.
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    This relaxing, nature sounds recording will help you get out of your own way. Resistance can wear lots of forms, such as feeling you’re not good enough to live a good life, lack of trust in the universe or your abilities to make things happen.

    The hidden affirmations are designed to build your trust in the universe, let go and allow the flow of abundance to your experience.

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    Some of the subliminal suggestions (both 'you' and 'I'):
    I am now open to changing my patterns
    I am valuable
    I am enough
    I deserve to live in abundance
    I expect to succeed and thrive
    I trust the universe to always support me
    Everything always works out for me
    Abundance is finding its way to me
    I always focus on thoughts that please me
    I am in a relaxed place of allowing
    I joyfully allow the universe to provide me its wonderful gifts
    It’s easy for me to contain all kinds of abundance
    As abundance shows up, I happily embrace it
    I am always open to receive abundance and positive changes
    I feel worthy of receiving great opportunities

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