Surrender to The Universe - Let Go of Control, Loosen Your Grip | Subliminal Isochronic Meditation

  • Uploaded on 19 Mar 2018

    Let go of control, surrender to the Universe. Allow things to happen instead of forcing them to happen. Download MP3:

    This subliminal healing meditation will help you surrender, let go, and just accept the natural flow of things. If you tend to micromanage the Universe, obsessively hanging on to what you think is best, and complaining that things need to be different, this is for you.
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    Living in a state of control is living in fear mode. You’re so scared of the unexpected that you yearn for things to happen in a particular manner. You convince yourself you must have control so that you can handle reality, but that’s just a delusion.

    You can’t always control situations or other people though you can manage your thoughts and be mindful of your patterns. The only thing you (sort of) have control over, is you. The rest is none of your business.

    There’s a huge difference between losing control and letting go of control. As a matter of fact, true self-control is the ability to let go.

    Ironically, you start gaining control when you release resistance. By doing that, you gain control over your sanity and emotional and physical well-being.

    Surrendering makes you feel relaxed, calm, at ease and less stressed, less worried or preoccupied with things that are beyond your control.

    Isochronic Tones - base frequencies are 741 Hz (Solfeggio) + 360 Hz with Theta Waves 7Hz to 4 Hz.

    *Headphones are highly recommended to maximize results.
    Listen up to an hour per day/night.

    The affirmations of this recording (both 'you' and 'I' versions):
    I am allowing myself to feel freely
    I am truly connected to my feelings
    I am letting go of control; I am surrendering to the Universe’s plan
    I am in complete acceptance of what is
    I am trusting the natural flow of things
    I am allowing things to happen as they should happen
    As I let go, I feel relaxed, calm and focused
    I am taking inspired actions from a place of confidence and clarity
    My goals are manifesting at the right time for them
    I am doing the best I can from a place of ease and peace
    I love what is
    Letting go of control brings me security and happiness
    I am happily letting things unfold at their own time and place
    I am letting go of changing and fixing other people
    I am joyfully allowing others to be themselves
    I am directing my focus toward practicing self-care
    I am focusing on nurturing my needs and well-being
    I allow things to happen when they should happen
    I let go of my grip on the circumstances
    As I surrender and let go, I gain inner peace
    Things go so much more smoothly when I let go of control
    I open myself to all sorts of wonderful possibilities
    I feel so peaceful in surrender energy
    I have faith that all is well, regardless of my effort
    I am peacefully enjoying the ride of life
    I feel free when I let go of control

    *Never listen when inside a moving vehicle
    *This is not a substitute for any treatment. Always consult with your healthcare provider prior to using this.

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