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    Sadhguru answers a question on surrender, saying it is out of a certain realization that surrender happens. Going beyond striving for confidence and self-worth, only when a person transcends his longing for self-preservation, is there a possibility of surrender.

    Sadhguru Talks @ Meditator Sathsang, Isha Yoga Center, Coimbatore, Dec 2007

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    Questioner: Sadhguru, when I’m into the height of my emotions, surrender seems to be the nearest, sweetest thing possible. When so many other things overpower me, it goes (of) out of my vision. Can I consciously do the Sharanaagathi (Surrender)?

    Sadhguru: Don’t try to surrender because what will you surrender? What is it that you are going to surrender? If you bend down, that is not surrender, that’s good exercise. (Meditators Laugh) If you declare, I have surrendered, that’s a horrible ego. So, how will you surrender, what will you surrender? What have you got to surrender first of all? It is out of a certain realization that surrender happens. It’s when you see that... See these words are very... can be very misleading because you have always been taught, self worth, self esteem, confidence, isn’t it? These are the valuable things to make your life. Surrender is against all these things. Only when you are worthless you can surrender, please see. If you have self worth, self esteem, confidence, how to surrender?

    But can you live without confidence; can you live without self esteem or some sense of self worth? Right now, no. See, I have no sense of self esteem or self worth that’s why any moment I’m willing to... if necessary next moment I’m willing to go because I don’t think this is worth anything. Personally I don’t think this is worth anything, keeping this on but because it’s...it seems to be useful for many lives around us, we keep this going. But there is no self worth because the sense of self itself is gone, so where is the worth? Self is not worth anything and to that which is not worth anything, if you add esteem, that’s lots of trouble. And because of this esteem, this worthless thing, if it becomes confident, that’s real trouble. But for the sake of survival because people believed – people only believed, it’s not true… People believed unless you believe in yourself you cannot survive. It’s not true. It’s not true in an essential way. But people believe that and it’s become true for them because whatever you believe, if you add sufficient focus and emotion to it, it becomes real, you know? It becomes very real.

    All kinds of nonsensical belief systems around the world have become absolutely real for lots of people. Not for a small number of people. For a vast majority of population it’s become real. They believe it and it is so. So, because of belief these things have become real. But whatever you believe and whatever you empower with your thoughts and your emotions, has no existential basis. When you talk surrender, you are talking about passing... passing from the limitations of one dimension to another. You knocked your head on the wall sufficiently, now you understand that unless you become like thin air, you will not pass. When you have realized this, that in your present form you will never pass, when you realize this... See, suppose you are imprisoned and the doors are thick and nothing happens, you can’t go. There is a gutter, filthy gutter, if you crawl through this filth, you can get out to freedom. Will you choose to crawl through the filth or no? You will, right? Yes?

    If that’s the route to freedom, through the most horrible filth you will crawl. It will go into your nostrils and your mouth and everywhere but it doesn’t matter, it leads you to freedom so you will crawl through filth. That’s surrender. That’s surrender because you have realized you can’t cross the prison walls standing, that is why you are crawling. So, surrender is a certain realization that you realize in your present form you cannot pass the gate. So you find a more intelligent way to pass...

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