You'll regret if you don't listen to Gummy & Ailee's 'You Are My Everything' [Happy Together]

  • Uploaded on 11 Jan 2018

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    Happy Together Sing My Song | 해피투게더 내 노래를 불러줘 : Gummy, Ailee, Bolbbalgan4, Rhythm Power (거미, 에일리, 볼빨간 사춘기, 리듬파워)

    - Ep.520 : It’s the go home on time special of Sing My Song! From reliable singers Gummy and Ailee to the popular groups Bolbbalgan4 and Rhythm Power. These titans in the music industry battle it out to get the top karaoke score! Who will get to go home early and who will be the ending singer?

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